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You've already had the gas powered 4x4's, sport bikes and snow sleds.  You've changed the oil, worked on the hard starts on a cold morning.

In comes the all electric vehicle.  Simply convert your existing gas powered recreational vehicle into an environmentally cleaner electric vehicle and put all those issues behind you!  A cost effective conversion will keep you moving without a trip to the pump. Simply charge overnight and enjoy a long ride the following day.  The "up-time" is equal to or even greater than the gas powered version in most cases.

On the tabs to the right are some videos showing just a few of our conversions.  Some are for testing purposes and some just for fun!  You'll notice in every case that the electric version out powers in speed and torque.

It's no wonder that electric Vehicles are being researched online more than ever!

Current projects include the first ever full size HD truck conversion.  We are taking a 1999 Chevy 3500HD truck and completely changing it over to electric. This unit will be 3-5 times the power as the original diesel!  Also included in this conversion is a solar recharge unit that will assist in the recharging of the trucks batteries for a much longer range before a plug-in is required!

Please view our videos and fill out your information on our contact page.

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